Who Am I?

My name is Lissa.  I moved away from my nearest and dearest to start a new life and found I wanted to still be able to easily share my warm fuzzies with them … and so my blog was born.  I’m not going to make an online photo album to bore the pants off all those who stumble across it … this is going to be a place where anyone can go to see what new wonderful things I’ve discovered and want to share with the world … just as if I was still able to come running through the door all excited and talking a hundred words a minute.

What exactly could I be going to share?  Way too many things to list and way too much variety to give an idea of what I may come up with.  One day it may be the old man who walks his dog every morning in the local park … the next day it may be the latest and greatest tips from a world famous expert on spaghetti sauce … one thing they will all have in common is my take on them and how they’ve helped me to love life even more.

Like everyone I can have up and down days … I’m not some continuously happy weirdo … but there is so much out there that makes me smile … and I’d like to share those gems with my family and with you.

Lissa Graham

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